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A connected Society
Where everyone has
Equal access to Technology.

In the constant evolving digital landscape, E-MARK emerges as a beacon of innovation and strategic acumen. Since our inception, our mandate has been unwavering: to deliver cutting-edge ICT products and services that enable businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital age.

Enter E-MARK, a vanguard in the pursuit of digital inclusion, offering accessible solutions that open up access to premier ICT products and services. We are committed to bridging the digital divide especially in Africa where, an estimated 60% of the populace is digitally excluded. We have since embarked on a journey to make technology affordable and accessible to all, through a flagship service called Gadget Finance. In the first two years of launching the service, E-MARK propelled forward by onboarding over 2000 customers. A testament that high cost of ICT equipment is the sole reason why majority of the population is digitally excluded. This service empowers consumers to promptly acquire cutting-edge technology devices, with the added convenience of deferred payment options, all while retaining full ownership of the device.

As we navigate the complexities of the digital frontier, we pledge to stand at the forefront of the ICT industry, ready to redefine tomorrow's possibilities through our commitment to excellence, innovation, and digital inclusion. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we explore new horizons, break through barriers, and create a future where technology creates unprecedented value for all. Together, let's build a world that is smarter, connected, and more sustainable.


Ubuntu, an African term signifying 'Humanity,' Our ethos is rooted in the essence of ubuntu, aiming to propel the advancement of humanity. We endeavor to establish an enterprise that not only motivates and empowers young individuals but also fosters genuine opportunities. Our commitment lies in cultivating a work environment where employees thrive, ensuring their happiness and fulfillment, while simultaneously delivering unparalleled value to our customers.


Equalize technology, making affordable and accessible to all.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and empowering individuals from all walks of life to embrace the transformative power of innovation. Through our relentless pursuit of accessibility and affordability, we strive to create a world where everyone can harness the benefits of technology to enhance their lives and shape a brighter future for generations to come.


We envision a globally connected society, where technology bridges divides, affording every individual equal access and opportunity.


Innovation: A relentless pursuit to continually unearth and refine novel business methodologies. We embody a culture of forward-thinking, tirelessly seeking to evolve and optimize our operations. Through this unwavering commitment, we drive transformative change, pioneering cutting-edge practices that redefine industry standards and propel us towards sustained growth and success.

Excellency: Our Benchmark, compelling us to uphold unwavering accountability to the highest standards. We embrace a culture of rigor and precision, where every endeavor is pursued with meticulous attention to detail. Through this steadfast commitment, we strive to exceed expectations, consistently delivering outcomes that inspire confidence and trust. Our dedication to excellence serves as the foundation upon which we build enduring relationships and drive sustainable success.

Integrity: Bedrock of our operations, guiding us to uphold the utmost trust and honesty in all endeavors. We exemplify professionalism by adhering to unwavering ethical standards in every facet of our business practices. Our commitment to integrity is non-negotiable, serving as the cornerstone of our relationships with stakeholders and underpinning our reputation for reliability and transparency. We recognize that maintaining the highest level of integrity is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage, fostering enduring partnerships and driving sustainable growth.

Assertiveness: Epitomizes our approach, characterized by unwavering confidence and decisive action. We embrace assertiveness as a fundamental attribute, enabling us to navigate challenges with clarity and conviction. We approach each opportunity with confidence, backed by thorough analysis and strategic foresight. Our decisiveness empowers us to make swift and informed decisions, driving momentum and propelling us towards our goals. By embodying assertiveness in our endeavors, we cultivate a culture of accountability and achievement, where boldness paves the path to success.