Goodbye, Old Friend; Hello, New One!

E-MARK device trade-in service allows customers to exchange an eligible device for an upgrade to a preferred model. With device trade-in, you'll only be required to pay the difference after the trade-in value of your old device is deducted. It's a better way to save money!

Who Qualifies?

Whether you purchased your device from E-MARK or another vendor, you're welcome to trade in your device. However, customers must always show proof of ownership.


The trade-in value will vary based on the condition, specifications, and model of your eligible device. The actual value is estimated upon receipt of the qualifying device that matches the description provided when the estimate was made. If the condition of your device doesn't match what you described; a new trade-in value will be provided.

Eligible Devices

E-MARK recommends that devices to be traded in should be in good and perfect working condition. In rare instances, E-MARK may allow for faulty devices to be traded in, depending on the extent of the damage. However, the final valuation will reflect the costs of repair.

Trade in your worries for a new device!

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